It is agreed across all parties that the co-operative movement is the way forward.

The Conservative Co-operative Movement was created by Jesse Norman MP in response to a call by David Cameron for a new centre-right organisation to promote mutuals and co-operative Businesses. 

Co-operative and mutual business structures are the quickest way to create employment in which everyone has a stake and a future.  It provides both support and autonomy.

In that role, the CCM has had a major impact both in opening up debate about the value of co-ops and employee ownership within the public services, and in shaping Conservative party policy on the use of co-ops. Party policy now includes enabling legislation for public sector workers to form co-ops to deliver public services; for communities to take over municipal and council facilities, and run them as co-ops; and for greater use of co-ops in housing and other relevant public sector organisations.

The co-op business structure is used for shops, technology companies, phone, energy, pubs, football clubs, social care; every type of business can flourish under this structure.  John Lewis is the most noted example.

CCM itself is a co-op that builds its own membership according to co-operative principles. Adding a practical dimension to its existing advocacy and promotional work, it creates seminars, advice surgeries, policy networks, and promotional opportunities to encourage the formation and proliferation of these specific business structures.

CCM membership is open to people of every political persuasion, and of none.

Becoming a member

Becoming a member of Conservative Co-operative Movement brings a whole new dimention to the co-operative industry; co-ops and mutuals are  business structures that have been part of the economic landscape for hundreds of years. We want both private and public sector entrepreneurs to consider these business structures when they are thinking of starting up or branching out. 

Membership of CCM will help them through advice surgeries, access to experts and networks, assistance to contribute to policy ideas and promoting and supporting media and business development campaigns.


Co-op membership nationwide:

  • UK             membership                 12.8 million  - turnover: £33 billion
  • England     membership                  4352 co-ops – turnover: £27.5 billion
  • Scotland     membership                 473 co-ops -    turnover: £3.4 billion
  • Wales         membership                 386 co-ops -     turnover: £1.3 billion

Our membership is made up of organisations and individuals.

Individual membership

Individual membership only costs £25.  If you are interested in individual membership please click here.

Green membership

Green package: £250 – less than 10 employees

For those developing and growing businesses

Benefits of Green Membership: per annum

Access to publications and online advice
Invitations to seminars
Free newsletter


Yellow membership

Yellow package:  £1000:   10 - 250 employees

For medium sized businesses interested in promoting and using the co-operative or mutual model
Benefits of yellow membership: per annum
Assessment of ownership structure and tax position
Free invite to exclusive policy seminars Promoting the spread of co-operative and mutual structures
Organised delegations of MPs to constituencies
Free quarterly publication
Access to practical and legal advice on starting your co-operative or mutual
Free newsletters
Invitation to conference receptions, events with speakers on mutuals and co-operatives
Online advice, templates and guidance notes


Blue membership

Blue package: £2500 – 250+ employees

For the well established cooperative/mutual businesses, helping promote co-operative ideals
Benefits of Blue package: per annum
Access to legal advice on setting up mutuals and co-operatives for Local Authority services
Influencing policy forums with invitations to round table discussions with policy makers
Invitation as panel speaker
Free banner on our website, Twitter and Facebook
Organised delegations of MPs to constituencies
Free promotion during adopt a co-operative week
Invitation to influence the running  and supporting  CCM
Free newsletters, electronic parliamentary and council briefings