The National Association of German Cooperative Banks (BVR) is taking a firm stand against the EU Commission's proposals concerning banking union which call for the creation of a single resolution mechanism or for a merger of the national resolution funds of individual countries. "We remain committed to fighting any communitization of bank risk at the expense of the German banks. This is something we owe to our customers and members," said Uwe Fröhlich, President of the BVR.
Last year, the Cooperative Financial Network 's consolidated total assets grew by 3 percent to €1,090 billion.

Bank Coop says it will participate in U.S. tax probe ZURICH Wed Dec 11, 2013
'..I hope the Chancellor will take two big steps tomorrow to support the cause of employee ownership: passing into law a long-awaited tax relief encouraging entrepreneurs to sell their businesses into long-term employee ownership'..
If you have a project idea to address some of the biggest challenges in public services but are not sure how to take it forward; if you are seeking likeminded people to work through a problem you know could be solved; or if you are looking for inspiration to make the most of emerging opportunitie
By MARGOT PATRICK Wall Street Journal
CCM founder Jesse Norman MP writes for ConservativeHome... As ConservativeHome readers will be aware, I am a huge believer in the virtues of co-ops, mutuals and employee ownership.