About us

Mission Statement

The Conservative Co-operative movement (CCM) has been established to promote the co-operative ideal from within the Conservative Party, in order to realise the concept of the Big Society.


CCM will promote alternative models of capitalism in which risk and profit are shared more equitably, thereby establishing active citizenship as the Big Society. CCM will promote cooperative values across the public and private sectors. Spreading the sharing of good practice and encouraging politicians at national and local level to prioritize a cooperative approach to business.

About the Conservative Co-operative Movement (CCM)

The Conservative Co-operative Movement was set up by Jesse Norman in response to a call by David Cameron for a new centre-right organisation to promote co-ops and the co-operative ethos. In that role, the CCM has had a major impact both in opening up debate about the value of co-ops and employee ownership within the public services, and in shaping Conservative party policy on the use of co-ops. Party policy now includes enabling legislation for public sector workers to form co-ops to deliver public services; for communities to take over municipal and council facilities, and run them as co-ops; and for greater use of co-ops in housing. Now constituted as a co-op itself, the CCM has started to build up its own membership according to co-operative principles, adding a practical dimension to its existing advocacy and promotional work.