Cross party rescue deal on ‘Goulash Co-operative’

Cross party rescue deal on ‘Goulash co-operative’

Labour ‘s conservative instincts has come to the timely rescue of an old left wing political haunt called the ‘Gay Hussar’ in Soho, London.  It’s a plotting and watering hole where the genuine lefty politicos like Michael Foot,  Barbara castle,  Guardian journalists nu Labour spin doctors including Mandelson and Tom Watson mixed up their political cauldron.

Under the name of ‘The Goulash Co-operative’, retaining its Hungarian undertones, more than 140 old and new members have launched a bid to rescue the business that is due to close. Conservatives know a good business idea when they see one. Former deputy treasurer, Lord Ashcroft, Kenneth Clarke, Neil and Christine Hamilton and LBC presenter Ian Dale are all also bidding for a stake.

Former CoopsUK Policy frontman John Goodman found a new home for his expertise and is advising on the set up of the Goulash Co-operative. We should learn over the next few days whether they have been successful in their bid to be the new owners. Read more here