CCM launches its global publication with the cream of the Co-ops

CCM launches its global publication with the cream of the Co-ops

The conservative Co-operative movement this week launched their second publication in celebration of co-operatives worldwide as a contribution to the United Nation’s international year of Co-operatives 2012. Over 100 guests including co-op industry heads, members of parliament and other key influential executives from as far a field as Scotland, gathered at St Stephen’s club in St James.


CCM founder Jesse Norman MP welcomed guest of honour, Cabinet Minister the Rt Hon Francis Maude who is overseeing the government’s mutual programs. He gave an anecdotal speech showing just how in touch and enthusiastic he is about the Co-operative sector, from employee ownership, credit Unions, social enterprises and all structures which comprise the industry.


In recognition of the all-encompassing role of the occasion Mr Maude graciously gave credit, even to the Labour party for actually commencing the process of mutualisation on which his government are hugely expanding. He said, “The aim is to liberate public sector workers and "introduce radical shifts in ownership, accountability and financing".


Ed Mayo, Secretary General of the very influential Co-operatives UK and the International Co-operative Alliance President Dame Pauline Green emphasised that we all have the same aims and that is, to build a better world with the co-operative structure as the basis for a new type of economy; that the answers to unemployment, lending crisis, social care and world poverty can be alleviated with the aid of the co-operative sector. That is not an overstatement.


The new publication is available now to download or read online: just click on the cover ‘Global to Local’ An industry whose time has come’ and sign up to view or download. Printed copies can also be ordered by emailing [email protected].

Photos: (L-R) Jesse Norman MP- CCM Chair Simon Randall OBE- Rt Hon Francis Maude- Dame Pauline Green ICA – CCM Chris Emmett- CCM Director Loanna Morrison- Ed Mayo Sec Gen CoopsUK

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