Public Services - Open Networks

What it means:


This means replacing top-down monopolies with open networks in which diverse and innovative providers compete to provide the best and most efficient services for the public


It means re‑thinking the role of government – so that governments at all levels become increasingly funders, regulators and commissioners, whose task it is to secure quality and guarantee fair access for all, instead of attempting to run the public services from a desk in Whitehall, city hall or county hall


It means public services can display the same innovation and entrepreneurial drive that characterise the best of the UK’s economy and society


It means independent review of barriers to choice and raising the profile of choice through a ‘You have the right to choose’ campaign


It means seeking evidence on potential legislation for a ‘right to choose’ to create and embed a culture in which people can expect and demand the opportunity to exert control over the service they receive by choosing the provider that best suits their needs


It means working with consumer groups to explore how to improve the way in which users of public services complain, including looking at how users receive clear information about their rights

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Co-operatives in the Big Society


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